With these tips, you don’t have to replace your washing machine every five years

Of course, the washing and build quality of your washing machine determines how long it lasts and how well it continues to do its job. Buying the right washing machine already does a lot. With regular maintenance you can further ensure that it will last for a long time.

1. Clean in the corners

The fact that some modern washing machines have drum or drawer cleaning technology is a logical evolution: it is precisely in those places that you have to clean your appliance regularly. Particularly behind the rubber of the drum, dirt can get clogged, and detergent residues in the detergent drawer can also stain things. You can clean the first with a little washing-up liquid and possibly a brush for caked-on dirt. You process the second with the same means, or you take them out and put them in the week. You do the latter in a solution of water with a dash of vinegar.

2. Good habits

Apart from cleaning, some good habits will also help you avoid odors. For example, after a wash you always leave the door of the drum open. This way the inside dries up well. After every wash, also check that no small objects – hair elastics, stray euros, lonely socks – got stuck between or behind the rubber.

3. Monthly maintenance wash

Usually we wash at 40 degrees, but that is precisely a temperature that fungi and bacteria find quite pleasant. With the temperature of a cooking wash, 90 to 95 degrees, they have a harder time. So run a cooking wash every month with an empty machine and a little cleaning agent.

4. Clean the filter

The filter of your washing machine is usually at the bottom of the front. There you will find the fat lice. Do not panic, that is not real louse, but pollution that is caused by skin fat and flakes clumping together with soap residue. If that remains for a long time, it is a breeding ground for bacteria. Place a bowl under the filter and let the residual water run out first. You then pull the filter out and clean it with some washing-up liquid. Depending on the age of your machine, some screwing is sometimes required.

5. Descaling

You will also find special tablets or liquid in the shop for descaling the machine. The principle is the same as in point three: you run a laundry without laundry in the drum, this time preferably at 60 degrees or higher. This is not a must for everyone. Limescale is significantly dependent on the ‘hardness’ of your tap water. That is different in every municipality: you can usually easily check this via the website of your water company. If you live somewhere where the water is ‘hard’, remember that you have to descale regularly.

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