Winner The smartest person: ‘Public completes my victory’ | NOW

The KRO-NCRV knowledge quiz The smartest person experienced the final of the seventeenth season on Friday. Although winner Rob Kemps knew he had won since the recordings, the profit only really came in after the broadcast, he tells on Saturday.

“Unlike with Netflix, you watch the same thing on television all at the same time,” said Kemps, the leader of the party band Snollebollekes. “That ‘being one’ triggers something in people. My phone has exploded since the broadcast of the final and that is why I only got the loot since last night.”

“The audience completes my victory. That is also the case with Snollebollekes: if I would be standing in the GelreDome without an audience, I wouldn’t feel anything.”

Kemps found his participation a nice distraction during a time dominated by the corona virus. “Because of corona I have been unemployed for months. The recordings were a real outing for me. Every time I got a lap further, my pleasure was extended.”

In his own words, Kemps only started to hope for victory after he reached the semi-finals of the knowledge quiz. “I think I’m the most surprising winner of that The smartest person am, because my fellow finalists Emma Wortelboer and Andries Tunru were very good. “

‘Hope that Freriks and Van Rossem for another 20 years The smartest person keep doing’

Kemps also has nothing but praise for presenter Philip Freriks. “I have already attended quite a few television programs. If you see how he carries the program, has a click with Maarten van Rossem and sets the mood: that is unsurpassed.”

Kemps does not know whether Freriks and Van Rossem can be replaced. “Although I am apparently smart, I don’t understand it. I myself hope that they will continue to do it for another twenty years.”


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