Wiebes: ‘Entrepreneurs will fall, that is timeless’ | NOW

The cabinet must break open the third aid package because the economy is partially locked again. Minister Eric Wiebes (Economic Affairs) fears that the government will keep zombie companies alive, but that is a calculated risk. “It is a crisis, so we have to keep things going”, he tells NU.nl.

According to Wiebes, who presented the additions to the third support package on Tuesday with fellow ministers Wopke Hoekstra (Finance) and Wouter Koolmees (Social Affairs), the recipe has not changed.

“We are all looking for measures that have as little effect as possible on society and the economy, and as much as possible on the virus. That is a permanent search,” said the minister.

Are you not afraid that there are companies that the government keeps alive that you can now see that they are not viable?
“Yes, I am afraid of that. But that is a risk that we unfortunately have to take because we have to do it automatically. We cannot carefully assess every company and adjust the support accordingly. It is a crisis, so we have to deal with it. keep going.

Large machines are running to carry out those controls. We cannot ask every entrepreneur: Do you still have regular customers? What does the case look like? Are there not too many of these things in the area? That is untenable.

Unfortunately, we have to accept that risk, but it does mean that we have to return to normal as soon as possible. Then entrepreneurs will fall, but that is also timeless. “

Will there be a normal return?
“Everything that lasts for a long time is called normal again at some point. That’s a philosophical question. It won’t be exactly like it used to be.

Are you stuck with your car in a traffic jam five days a week to go to work? Things change, but not everything for the worse. I am now trying to find out what is the right way to work. “

To what extent do entrepreneurs still have to adapt? This cabinet continues to insist on that.
“In any case, you have to adjust to a new reality. Imagine you are a corporate caterer. You can endlessly think that it will be exactly the way it was, but that is not going to happen. Then an adjustment of the capacity is necessary. you do need new concepts.

Maybe a stupid example. But we do a lot of European meetings online. In the past you received a package from the host country with all kinds of national things in it. You know, food that is not eatable, drink that is not drinkable and something for the beautiful that is not beautiful. All meant very sweet.

They will send that now. That’s a creative way to pretend it’s a normal meeting, but very different. I find that fascinating. We come up with new ways to have fun together. “

Do you enjoy coming up with these kinds of political solutions, in addition to the fact that the occasion is of course very miserable?
“This is a time when I can have an impact. It is all very complicated. If you are looking at graphs with ten ministers, it is useful to draw a conclusion that really matters. I think that. fun.

I sometimes join a colleague with a graph or a table. Sometimes they don’t do anything with it and sometimes they do. Then we help each other a little. “


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