WhatsApp fraud reported almost four times as often as in 2019 | NOW

The number of reported cases of WhatsApp fraud has increased significantly compared to 2019. Up to 1 October this year, four times as many reports were received as in the whole of 2019, the Fraud Help Desk informed NU.nl after reporting the AD.

The Fraud Help Desk received 9,605 reports of WhatsApp fraud until 1 October this year. That is almost four times as many as in 2019, when a total of 2,663 such reports were received.

1,154 people who reported WhatsApp fraud this year were actually victims. They were defrauded for a total of 3.3 million euros. In 242 out of 9,605 cases, scammers were given full access to the victim’s WhatsApp account.

In WhatsApp fraud, a criminal often poses as a known person, so that victims are less likely to realize that they are being scammed. For example, crooks choose a photo of the known person and use it as a profile photo. Then they say, for example, that they have a new number and that they are in an emergency situation, which means they need money quickly.

In May it became clear that the number of reports so far was considerably higher than a year earlier. More than 3,500 cases had already been reported in the first four months of 2020.


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