Weinstein allegedly re-charged with rape in secret | NOW

Harvey Weinstein was reportedly secretly re-charged with rape in the state of California recently. The charges against the once-celebrated film producer would have been submitted to a jury and are said to be Fox News made public on Monday during a hearing in New York, where several cases are already pending against him.

An arrest warrant would also be issued against the producer. He has now been held in a New York prison for more than a year, where he has to serve a prison sentence of 23 years.

Although Weinstein is detained in New York, he can also be convicted in California. The judiciary there has repeatedly requested that Weinstein be brought to court so that the charges against him that are pending there can be heard.

In the state of California, Weinstein is charged in eleven cases for rape, sexual assault and assault. Should he be convicted of these offenses, his sentence could be up to 140 years in prison. This would mean that the 69-year-old Weinstein will never be released.

In previous trials in New York, where a jury found him guilty of similar crimes committed in this state, Weinstein complained that he was not getting a fair trial. According to him, the media was already so aroused by the stories that various women brought out that he was more or less convicted before he could tell his side of the story.


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