‘Waiting lists for corona vaccine because people get vaccinations in turn’ | NOW

Healthcare personnel who should not have been vaccinated as planned, have nevertheless already received the corona vaccination. According to research by News hour it concerns, for example, office or restaurant staff of healthcare institutions.

From the beginning of this month, healthcare institutions were able to arrange for vaccination of their staff. Only nursing home employees were scheduled to have a turn.

In practice, according to News hour many more people join. The GGD does not check whether it actually concerns employees who are at the bedside. The GGD is of the opinion that healthcare institutions are responsible for correctly registering personnel and checking this

According to organizations in the care sector, such as Buurtzorg Nederland, confusion had arisen. For example, the organization says that a registration link was sent to all 15,000 employees. Many employees signed up, but a limited number were enrolled due to the small amount of vaccines available. “I expected this to be arranged within the GGD”, the organization said.

Because of the ‘pushing ahead’, home care workers, people in care for the disabled and the elderly may have to wait longer until their turn for their vaccinations.


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