Waiting for spring? No, these grapes can withstand some frost

There are about thirty different grape hyacinths and recently you have also come across other varieties than the traditional ones, sometimes in silver-sprayed willow baskets. Such a newcomer is Muscari latifolium, a variety with one large stem-enclosing leaf. The flower stalk is about 25 cm. high and is crowned with a dark blue flower with a light blue top – a grape with a lot of cachet. The clown of the family is the crested hyacinth, with blue-green flowers and a funny wig of barren flowers. This species does not flower until May and June.

Grape hyacinths love the sun and will do it anywhere as long as the soil is not too wet. Bad soil is no objection. For example, they do well in gravel. Some bulbs are known to be difficult, but the grape hyacinth seems to like rotten soil. And as for those jars full of grape hyacinths that you get as a gift in the spring: don’t throw them away after flowering. Plant them in the garden or, if necessary, in the municipal plantation.

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