Violent rape sentence in Rotterdam doubled on appeal | NOW

On appeal, the Court of Appeal of The Hague imposed a four-year prison sentence on 21-year-old Gerson F. from Rotterdam and TBS with compulsory treatment for the violent rape of a 20-year-old student from Indonesia. Earlier, the man was sentenced to two more years in juvenile detention.

At the time of the rape, F. was eighteen years old.

The court in Rotterdam prosecuted him in 2019 under juvenile criminal law, because the suspect was a victim of neglect and (sexual) abuse in his youth. Because of this F. would have the emotional level of a child.

Experts, however, had advised against juvenile criminal law and the suspect himself would have explicitly requested a hospital order with compulsory nursing.

The court also finds that more appropriate in this case. The rape was so violent that the student was seriously injured. The decision is in accordance with the appeal requirement.

“On appeal it has been established that the suspect has a serious personality disorder and is greatly reduced accountability,” said the court. The risk that F. will show sexual or violent behavior again is very high, according to the court.

The rape took place in front of the victim’s home on June 21, 2018. She was beaten to such an extent that she needed urgent surgery. The rape caused a lot of unrest in the residential area. Residents held a demonstration march.


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