Viggo Mortensen avoids public places and takes car for European tour | NOW

Viggo Mortensen is currently touring Europe with his directorial debut Falling, but he refuses to do so in the usual way. In an interview with, the actor says that he himself drives his car everywhere.

The American actor was this week in Ghent at the premiere of the film and speaks via a video connection with “I’ve always loved road trips,” explains Mortensen. “And during this pandemic, I don’t want to be in airports, train stations, and planes. If I avoid such places, I have a better chance of finishing the tour without getting sick. And without making others sick.”

Mortensen has lived in Madrid for a long time with his wife, actress Ariadna Gil, and has been driving around Europe since September. “I started with different cities in Spain,” says the actor. “That went very well, with many Q & A’s for an audience.”

“You and I are now talking via a video connection, but I prefer to feel a connection with my audience, in a cinema. We succeeded in Spain, different parts of France, Switzerland and Belgium. And I will do the same in Germany, Scandinavia. , Poland and Austria. I go wherever possible. It’s a long trip, but it’s interesting, “Mortensen notes.

Doesn’t he miss being home? “I miss my partner, son, brothers; many different people,” replies the 62-year-old actor and director. “But I’ve always felt that I could feel at home anywhere. It’s much more important how you feel than where you are physically. I feel fine where I am right now.”

Mortensen responds Falling a man who wants to take care of his demented father, but encounters a lot of resistance. The family drama premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and was selected by the Cannes Film Festival, which was canceled due to the corona crisis. The film should be released in the Netherlands on February 11.


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