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One thing was certain for presenter Martijn Krabbé: the future new home of Jaap and Jessica would always be an improvement compared to their old ground floor apartment in The Hague. The cottage was only fifty square meters with a bedroom, a living room and a dining room. The need to find a new home was high, because son Teun slept in the dining room due to lack of space. “The space is really very small and limited. Eating with friends is no longer an option, because Teun is already in bed by then, so we cannot sit here ”, Jessica explained sipjes.

So why haven’t the two bought a house before? “Either we were late, we were outbid or we needed more money than we have to spend.” Those setbacks meant that Jessica and Jaap had little hope in finding their dream home. Then they submit their wishes to the team from Watch Without Buying (at least three bedrooms, doubling the living space, a garden, a ‘nice kitchen diner’ and lots of light) it soon became clear that it would be a difficult job. In addition, Jessica preferred a home near a highway in connection with her work as a flight attendant. “What you buy in this price range you can easily refurbish for 75,000 euros”, engineer Bob Sikkes warned the couple. Jessica then tied in a little. “It is very tight. Perhaps the budget does not match what we want. ”

The team of Buy without Looking then went to work in good spirits. Where it failed a few times, broker Alex van Keulen found a house for 340,000 euros in Leidschendam. A plus, because Jaap and Jessica preferred that city. After visiting the house it became clear to Bob that the house was reasonably complete, except for the bathroom and kitchen. A renovation was therefore necessary, but with a budget of only 10,000 euros, that became quite a challenge. However, there was some hope for a larger budget if Jessica and Jaap sold their old house for a profit.

Miraculously, the house was sold with so much profit that 45,000 euros suddenly became available. And so engineer Bob could let off steam in the house. For example, there was a new large kitchen with wide drawers, a sleek bathroom, new doors and the rest of the house was taken over from head to toe.

The couple was initially happy with the location, but were concerned about the small spaces. Those concerns were allayed when, after weeks of tension, they finally made their first entrance into their brand new palace. “I am very happy with this”, Jaap responded enthusiastically when he arrived at the door. Jessica was also delighted with the house.

Once inside, they couldn’t believe their eyes. “That kitchen, how cool! Wow, look how big that space has become! ”The couple exclaimed. Another nice prospect: son Teun no longer had to sleep in the dining room, but just got his own bedroom. Jaap and Jessica could hardly comprehend it. “This is just our house, isn’t it.”

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