Vice President Pence Refuses to Remove Trump from Office With 25th Amendment | NOW

US Vice President Mike Pence does not want to remove Donald Trump from office by using the 25th Amendment. He announced this in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in a letter to Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives.

In brief

  • Democrats on Tuesday filed suit for impeachment on Trump.
  • They accuse him of inciting an uprising.
  • Indictment follows earlier call to Mike Pence in motion to take away Trump’s powers via 25th Amendment.
  • On Wednesday, the House of Representatives will debate the charges, possibly even voting.

The 25th amendment provides for the Vice President to take over the powers of the President if the latter is no longer able to perform his duties. For this, there must also be a majority in the cabinet. The Democrats and some Republicans had called him to do this.

Pence described the request as a “political game” in which he refuses to participate. “I believe that such an action is not in the interests of our country or in accordance with the constitution,” said 61-year-old Pence.

In recent days, tension has raged between the vice-president and the president as Pence failed to comply with Trump’s request to thwart the ratification of Joe Biden’s election victory in parliament. Trump had called on Pence for this during a speech prior to the storm.

On Monday, it was revealed that Pence and Trump had had a “good talk” in the White House and that they are “determined” to “continue their work for the country to the end of their term.” That already indicated that Pence does not want to apply the 25th amendment.

Capitol storming grounds for impeachment

The Democrats want to impeach the president following the storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters last week.

Despite the 25th amendment now not going through, Trump may be facing a second impeachment procedure on Wednesday. In the House of Representatives, an indictment will then be debated and possibly also a vote.

Several Republicans have already made it known that Trump may be removed from office and banned from running for president.

Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell would be happy with a new impeachment procedure against Trump because it makes it easier to expel him, insiders reported. The New York Times Tuesday.


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