Verstappen records fastest time in Q1 in Bahrain | NOW

formula 1 · a few seconds ago

Another 5 minutes (Q1) – Verstappen is still the fastest and 54,037 should be enough to advance to Q2.

formula 1 · one minute ago

Another 7 minutes (Q1) – In the danger zone:

14. Magnussen
15. Aitken

16. Latifi
17. Gasly
18. Räikkönen
19. Giovinazzi
20. Fittipaldi

formula 1 · 4 minutes ago

8 minutes left (Q1) – P1 for Max Verstappen! With 54.037, the Dutchman is two tenths faster than Pérez. Both Mercedes drives on medium, while Verstappen is on the soft tire.

formula 1 · 5 minutes ago

9 minutes left (Q1) – Pérez is three tenths faster on the soft tire than Bottas on medium. The Mexican clocked the fastest time.

formula 1 · 6 minutes ago

11 more minutes (Q1) – While the Red Bulls are still in the pits, the Mercedes sets the tone. Bottas is four tenths faster than teammate Russell.

formula 1 · 7 minutes ago

12 minutes left (Q1) – Only Verstappen, Albon and Ricciardo are still in the pits. Charles Leclerc (54,917) is the fastest.

formula 1 · 10 minutes ago

Another 15 minutes (Q1) – The drivers of the top teams are still inside. Kevin Magnussen (55,464) is currently the fastest. The best fifteen drivers will advance to Q2.

formula 1 · 13 minutes ago

Another 18 minutes (Q1) – Green! Qualifying for the Sakhir Grand Prix is ​​underway.


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