Good morning and welcome to this Formula 1 live blog! Here I, Robbert van der Linde, will keep you informed about the qualification of the GP of Turkey.

  • GP Turkey
  • Istanbul Park
  • The track is slippery due to rain and new asphalt
  • LIVE: Q3

formula 1 · a few seconds ago

6 more minutes – Pérez drives, on intermediates, to the fastest time and is almost three tenths faster than Verstappen. The Dutchman has heard / seen it and immediately dives in to have intermediates placed under his car.

formula 1 · 2 minutes ago

8 more minutes – Verstappen continues his good series and sets the fastest time with 1.52.326. In comparison: Bottas and Albon are currently second and third, but have to concede more than four seconds.

formula 1 · 5 minutes ago

11 more minutes – Ocon will try it on intermediates, the rest of the drivers are still driving on ‘full wets’. The Renault Frenchman has seen significantly more dry stretches on the track, and wants to make use of it.

formula 1 · 6 minutes ago

Start Q3 – Verstappen is currently the fastest in every session of the weekend. If he can do that again, he will take pole position at the Istanbul Park.

formula 1 · 11 minutes ago

On to Q3:

1. Verstappen
2. Albon
3. Hamilton
4. Stroll
5. Giovinazzi
6. Ocon
7. Bottas
8. Räikkönen
9. Pérez
10. Ricciardo

formula 1 · 12 minutes ago

Finish – Verstappen is by far the fastest of the field in Q2. No one comes even close to his 1.50.295. Teammate Albon is number two in almost two seconds and completes the preliminary party for Red Bull. The dropouts are Norris, Vettel, Sainz, Leclerc and Gasly. The faces at McLaren and Ferrari are therefore on a thunderstorm.

formula 1 · 16 minutes ago

2 more minutes – Verstappen goes even faster and with 1.50.293 is now 3.5 seconds (!) Faster than number two Bottas.

formula 1 · 17 minutes ago

3 more minutes – Bottas and Hamilton improve considerably and jump to places two and three. However, they do not come to the time of Verstappen, who tightens his time to 1.52.036 and is more than one and a half seconds faster than the Mercedes duo.

formula 1 · 19 minutes ago

5 more minutes – Verstappen takes back the first place with a time of 1.53.486. It’s a huge fight, times are getting faster and faster due to the drying track.

formula 1 · 20 minutes ago

6 more minutes – In the danger zone are now Ocon, Norris, Gasly, Leclerc and Sainz.

formula 1 · 21 minutes ago

7 more minutes – Stroll drives with 1.55.730 to P1. Verstappen has now dropped to P5, but anything can still happen.

formula 1 · 23 minutes ago

9 more minutes – Verstappen rushes to 1.57,125 on the rain tire, which is the fastest time. Pérez is close behind with just under three tenths, followed by Stroll.

formula 1 · 24 minutes ago

11 more minutes – Norris is the first to set a time in Q2, the Briton drives to 2.00.633. However, he also loses his time, leaving Räikkönen in the lead for a while. However, the Finn is passed by Albon, who leads the dance with 2.00.026 for the time being.

formula 1 · 27 minutes ago

12 more minutes – The McLaren duo Norris and Sainz dare to try it on intermediates. All other drivers stick to the rain tires.

formula 1 · 29 minutes ago

Start Q2 – The second qualifying round has started under a yellow flag, because Latifi’s car has yet to be towed away.

formula 1 · 29 minutes ago

The race management announces that the last times are still being looked at closely, because many drivers would have set their fastest time during a yellow flag. The result is therefore not yet fully established.

formula 1 · 33 minutes ago

Q1 – Notable is also the fourteenth place of Lewis Hamilton and the ninth place of Valtteri Bottas. Now, of course, there are extenuating circumstances for the Mercedes, but they are certainly not used to being so far from the first place.

formula 1 · 34 minutes ago

Finish – When all the smoke / water spray has cleared up, Magnussen, Kvyat, Russell, Grosjean and Latifi are the first to drop out. The Canadian also slides off the track on his last lap. Verstappen is the fastest through to Q2, after spending a long time in the danger zone.

formula 1 · 36 minutes ago

Finish – Suddenly it rains faster times instead of water droplets. Verstappen improves to 1.57.485 and takes first place.

formula 1 · 38 minutes ago

1 minute left – As the last minute has started, Verstappen has started his last round of Q1. Can he improve himself, or at least prevent him from leaving now?

formula 1 · 40 minutes ago

3 more minutes – Grosjean’s car is freed from the gravel by the tow truck and carried away, after which the session can be resumed. For the remaining nineteen drivers, three minutes remain to make something of this chaotic first qualifying session. Verstappen is still fifteenth and is the first to report on the track.

formula 1 · an hour ago

3 more minutes – It was three fantastic minutes, but the fun is over. Grosjean completely slips off the track and ends up in the gravel, causing a red flag. Leclerc also ends up in the gravel, but can still escape it. However, the Ferrari driver is now almost certainly stuck in Q1.

formula 1 · an hour ago

5 more minutes – All drivers are now on the track. The Red Bulls lead the field, especially Verstappen will have to set a faster time to be sure of Q2.

formula 1 · an hour ago

7 more minutes – We are less than ten seconds after the restart or Räikkönen is already sliding backwards. However, he keeps his car on the asphalt, so we can continue.

formula 1 · an hour ago

7 more minutes – Unsurprisingly, all drivers took to the track with ‘full wets’. Without the special rain tires it is absolutely impossible to drive on the track.

formula 1 · an hour ago

Session resumed! According to the race management, the track is sufficiently passable and so the green flag is waved. It will be a chaotic last seven minutes of this first qualifying round, as all drivers will want to squeeze out one more fast lap.

formula 1 · an hour ago

The safety car has driven a lap and found that the track has dried up enough to resume the session. That will happen in five minutes.

formula 1 · an hour ago

The rain has almost stopped over the Istanbul Park. We will wait a while until the track has dried up a bit. As soon as the session resumes, the drivers will have just under seven minutes to set a time.

formula 1 · an hour ago

The situation at the end of the standings:

15. Verstappen
16. Leclerc
17. Grosjean
18. Gasley
19. Russell
20. Latifi

formula 1 · an hour ago

For those who still wondered whether the wet track is not going well …

formula 1 · an hour ago

Verstappen (P15) is still on the right side of the line with a tiny difference of seven thousandths compared to Leclerc (P16). Will the drivers be able to do a normal lap in a minute?

formula 1 · 2 hours ago

7 more minutes – Without a crash being visible, the red flag is waved. Race officials will probably do that because the conditions make it impossible for the drivers to do a decent lap. You may be waiting for the worst showers to pass.

formula 1 · 2 hours ago

8 more minutes – It’s a bit sadistic, but the track limits are also inexorable for Bottas in these circumstances. The Finn sees his time being reduced, so Ocon is now the fastest with 2.06.115.

formula 1 · 2 hours ago

9 more minutes – It doesn’t say much yet, but Leclerc, Grosjean, Gasly, Russell and Latifi are currently in the danger zone, while Verstappen is the ‘driver at risk’ in 15th place. The rain is now pouring down from the sky.

formula 1 · 2 hours ago

11 more minutes – Bottas improves to 2.04.067. Verstappen has had it with the sliding gear and drives into the pits to put on rain tires.

formula 1 · 2 hours ago

13 more minutes – Valtteri Bottas sets the fastest time on the ‘full wets’, but that is 2.07.001 to cry. Verstappen takes another four seconds longer and is only twelfth for the time being.

formula 1 · 2 hours ago

Another 14 minutes – Most drivers can immediately take to the track with rain tires. Others, such as Verstappen, want to try it on intermediates first, but that seems a hopeless thing.