Van Dissel: ‘We will intervene earlier in the event of a new corona outbreak’ | NOW

The signal values ​​on the corona dashboard are going down, says RIVM director Jaap van Dissel on Thursday in the AD. This should lead to earlier action being taken as soon as the number of positive corona tests increases again after the current lockdown.

“The signal values ​​go down, so that you switch to stricter measures sooner. Now those values ​​turned out to be inviting to continue to stretch”, says the chairman of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT).

Van Dissel does not agree with the criticism that action was taken too late this autumn, but he does believe that new measures should be taken more quickly in the future, as soon as the number of positive tests increases, he says. AD.

The signal values ​​are set by the government between the first and second corona wave. According to the dashboard, new measures are needed for seven infections per hundred thousand inhabitants per day, and fourteen hospital and ten intensive care (IC) admissions every day.

This autumn, however, achieving these signal values ​​did not automatically lead to new measures. At this point all signal values ​​are exceeded.

It is not yet clear by how much the signal values ​​go down.


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