US To Execute Latest Federal Death Penalty Under Trump Administration | NOW

In the United States, the last federal death sentence was carried out under the Donald Trump administration. Dustin Higgs, 48, was given the fatal injection on the night of Friday to Saturday for his involvement in the deaths of three young women in 1996.

The execution of federal death sentences was at a standstill for 17 years, until the Trump administration decided to resume them last year.

The federal execution of Higgs is the thirteenth and last scheduled. With that, Trump has ordered three times as many federal death sentences in the past year as all presidents added together in the past 60 years.

Most death sentences in the US are carried out by state authorities. There are 28 more states that use the death penalty. President elect Joe Biden has indicated that he is not in favor of the death penalty.

Higgs wasn’t the one who fired

Higgs’s defense tried to stop the execution of the death penalty until the last moment, because Higgs was not the one who fired the fatal shots.

Higgs was sitting in his apartment with two friends and the three victims on that evening. The women, Tamika Black (19), Tanji Jackson (21) and Mishann Chinn (23), left after a failed flirtation attempt.

Higgs chased them in his car, which also contained his two friends. Instead of giving the women a ride home, they drove the victims to a national park. There, a friend of Higgs’s, Willis Haynes, shot the women.

Remarkably, Haynes was not sentenced to death but was sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole. According to the court that sentenced Higgs, he put pressure on his friend, but Haynes has denied this.


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