Until January 24 Washington state of emergency, attending inauguration advised against NOW

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday approved the declaration of a state of emergency in the capital Washington. This is in effect after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on Wednesday. The state of emergency is valid until January 24. The mayor of Washington and the governors of the neighboring states of Virginia and Maryland are calling on the public not to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The inauguration will take place on Jan. 20 and the FBI received signals Monday that disturbances, such as armed protests, may be scheduled for the days surrounding the ceremony.

For that reason, a state of emergency has now been declared in the American capital. Actions are planned not only in Washington, but also in the capitals of the American states. To further guarantee safety around the inauguration, the national guard is allowed to supply up to 15,000 men.

“January 6 (storm day) is now a groundbreaking moment in American history,” Virginia Governors Ralph Northam Larry Hogan Maryland and Mayor Muriel Bowser write of the attack on the federal parliament building.

“We are grateful for the courageous efforts of every law enforcement officer, reservist, and first aid worker who heroically worked together to secure the Capitol and ensure that our nation’s democracy prevailed.”

The trio advise people to virtually ‘attend’ the ceremony. This because of “unique circumstances”, namely both the storming of the Capitol and the corona pandemic.

Five people died as a result of storming

The storming of the US parliament building delayed the official confirmation of the election victory of the upcoming Democratic President Joe Biden.

Senators and deputies were forced to flee when Trump supporters broke into the building. Five people were killed, including a Capitol Police officer who was beaten to death while trying to push back the perpetrators.

Trump, who argues without any evidence that Biden owes his victory to large-scale fraud, incited his supporters and initially praised them for the storm. He later condemned the violence.


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