Universities of applied sciences will not issue binding study advice to first-years again this year | NOW

Universities of applied sciences also do not give their first-year students binding study advice (BSA) this academic year. MBOs and universities will do this. This is evident on Wednesday from so-called service documents from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

The suspension of the BSA also happened in colleges and universities in the previous academic year, because students experienced study delays due to the unexpected discontinuation of physical lessons and the other corona measures.

For the current academic year, this measure only applies to universities of applied sciences. This is because education at universities of applied sciences has a practical component, a spokesperson for the ministry explains.

Universities will continue to work with BSAs because university education is now almost completely offered. There are courses that are hit hard by the corona measures. Although there will be no generic scheme, it will be examined for each program whether BSAs should be postponed by one year.

MBOs must take the personal circumstances of the student into account when issuing the BSA, the ministry writes. “The fact that the student has made insufficient study progress due to the corona measures, and has therefore not been able to achieve all the results, is such a circumstance.”

Student union dissatisfied with leniency scheme

The National Student Union finds it difficult to understand that this year’s leniency scheme only applies to HBO students. “The situation for the current generation of freshmen has only become more complicated because they have no education at all outside of the corona crisis,” said chairman Lyle Muns.

Muns points out that “the whole student life is turned upside down” and that distance learning leads to problems with concentration and motivation. “It shows little understanding that in these difficult circumstances the current first-year students are also given binding study advice.”


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