UK to scrap controversial ‘EU tampon tax’ after Brexit | NOW

With the final departure from the European Union, tax will no longer be levied in the United Kingdom on products such as tampons and sanitary towels from this Friday. In the EU, a VAT rate of 5 percent applies because the products are classified as luxury and non-essential, which is a thorn in the side of activists.

Due to Brexit, the UK no longer has to follow EU guidelines. At 11 p.m. (local time) the internal European market was left and – 4.5 years after the Brexit referendum – the British are actually on their own two feet.

British Laura Coryton, who has been fighting the controversial tax for more than six years, tells in conversation with BBC News that the disappearance of the “sexist tax” is important in the fight against poverty. “This change will lead to a lower price of menstrual products.”

BBC News writes, based on an estimate by the British Ministry of Economy, that every British woman will save an average of 40 British pounds (about 45 euros). A box of twenty tampons will be about 8 cents cheaper, while the price of packs of sanitary pads will drop by about 6 cents.

Scotland is already a step further. Last year, the country was the first country in the world to introduce a law to make feminine hygiene products free, also to combat so-called period poverty. In the country, tampons and pads are available free of charge at places like community centers, youth clubs and pharmacies.


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