Two suspects arrested for organizing illegal French party | NOW

The French police arrested two people in their twenties for organizing an illegal party in the French town of Lieuron, where 2,500 people were present at the turn of the year. The party lasted a total of two days.

Corona regulations and rules were violated en masse at the party. The young people face heavy fines if they are found guilty.

A public prosecutor in Rennes said Monday evening that one of the suspects has been arrested for unlawfully organizing a demonstration and endangering the lives of others. He is also suspected of unlawful exploitation of a drinking establishment, involvement in drug offenses, vandalism and undeclared work.

The suspect’s lawyer says his client denies the allegations. “He admits that he participated and that he helped a hand, but he was not a member of the organization,” said counsel, who said he was shocked that his client is in custody.

The police are still investigating to identify the other organizers of the approximately 36-hour party. The French police made more than a thousand reports after the party.

The dance party with visitors from home and abroad came to an end on Saturday morning. The police tried to end the party during the turn of the year, but did not succeed because partygoers became aggressive at cops and threw rocks and bottles. Three officers were injured.


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