Twitter Permanently Blocking Trump’s Account For “Incitement to Violence” | NOW

Twitter has permanently blocked the account of US President Donald Trump, the social medium reports Saturday. Twitter cites “the risk of further incitement to violence” as the reason. Trump tried to post via the official presidential account @POTUS, but they have since been removed by Twitter. His campaign team’s account has also been suspended.

In a statement explains to Twitter that the platform “wants to give the public the opportunity to hear directly from elected representatives and world leaders”. On the other hand, the company argues that everyone must obey the rules and that no one should use Twitter to, “among other things, incite violence”.

On Friday, the president posted two messages that were decisive according to Twitter. In it, Trump announced that he would not attend the inauguration of his successor Joe Biden and reiterated the unfounded claim that his rank and file had been unfairly treated.

Twitter believes these messages could further convince people that the election was unfair and could spur actions similar to Trump supporters’ storming of the Capitol on Wednesday.

After the storm, Trump’s account was suspended for twelve hours. At that time, the platform already demanded that the president remove three messages because they would violate the code of conduct. In his first video after the temporary ban, Trump accepted his election defeat and condemned the “heinous attack” on the Capitol.

Trump tries to evade ban via presidential account

Trump made another attempt to post via the official US presidential account @POTUS a few hours after his ban. In it, the president expressed anger at Twitter’s decision, saying that the social medium opposes freedom of speech. The messages were quickly removed by the platform.

In the reports, Trump said he is considering setting up his own social medium. He claims to be negotiating with other websites and coming up with a “big announcement” soon.

Multiple social media intervened against Trump

Since the storm, multiple social media outlets have taken action against the president. For example, he has been temporarily suspended from Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram because of messages that could be seen as inflammatory.

The TikTok platform, on which Trump does not have an account himself, is removing videos of Trump addressing US Capitol stormers and repeating claims about fraudulent presidential elections.


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