Trump supporters removed from Capitol building secured | NOW

The Trump supporters who occupied the Capitol have been removed from the building. The parliament building has since been secured, a senior government official reports. There are currently still many rioters outside.

It is not known whether the authorities have the upper hand there. Earlier in the evening, they were still in the minority and Trump supporters managed to occupy the area for a long time.

Live images show police officers lining up and forcing people to leave the area. Explosions can be heard regularly, probably from stun grenades.

According to CNN at least thirteen people have been arrested. Other journalists speak of a few dozen. Hundreds of agents are said to be on the road to assist.

The National Guard has been called in to assist the local police. The mayor of Washington has imposed a curfew. A state of emergency will also apply in the state of Virginia until at least Thursday morning.

Trump called for “nonviolent” protest

President Donald Trump tweeted his supporters in the Capitol to protest nonviolently and obey orders from authorities present. That didn’t help. Protesters seized the Senate Hall and agents were forced to fire shots, with at least one seriously injured. NBC reported around midnight (Dutch time) that this person died. This has not yet been confirmed.

Normally, the Capitol is where the Senate and the House of Representatives meet. On Wednesday, Biden’s winnings would be officially confirmed in the Senate. The results of the electoral college would be read aloud by Vice President Mike Pence. Staff present were able to prevent rioters from getting their hands on the voting forms.

The leader of the Republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, wants the electoral votes to be counted on Wednesday evening. However, it is not yet known when the hearing can take place again.


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