Trump still signs gigantic corona support package | NOW

US President Donald Trump unexpectedly signed a Congressional support package for US citizens and the economy on Sunday. Trump called the $ 900 billion (about $ 735 billion) corona aid package last week “a disgrace” and hinted that he would not sign the law.

In addition, the president on Sunday prevented a shutdown of the federal government by signing a federal budget of 1.4 trillion dollars. This allows the salaries of, for example, government employees and defense personnel to continue to be paid.

The corona support package was approved by Congress last week after months of negotiations, but Trump initially refused to agree to the package.

The president wanted the value of a support check for Americans who lost their jobs to be increased from $ 600 to $ 2,000 and that “wasteful and unnecessary elements” be removed from the note. Trump has the support of many Democrats in Congress for raising the check to $ 2,000. However, he is not supported in this by a majority of his own party.

It is not yet known why the president decided to sign the law on Sunday.

Biden strongly criticized Trump’s refusal

On Saturday, the previous support scheme for Americans who lost their jobs in the corona crisis expired. Trump’s successor Joe Biden expressed fierce criticism of the president earlier Sunday, shortly after the deadline expired. “About ten million Americans will lose their unemployment benefits today,” said Biden.

The corona support package is the second-largest support package ever to the US economy. In addition to providing support to citizens, the package includes an extension of the support scheme for struggling small businesses and would increase funding for schools, airlines, public transport and the spread of corona vaccines.


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