Trump has pardoned a further 73 people, including former adviser Bannon | NOW

Outgoing US President Donald Trump pardoned Steve Bannon on Tuesday. Bannon assisted Trump as an adviser during his 2016 election campaign and then served in the White House. On his last day as president, Trump pardoned a total of 73 people and eased the sentences of 70 people.

Bannon, 67, is suspected of embezzling money from We Build the Wall. That foundation raised money for the wall along the Mexican border promised by Trump. CNN reported earlier that Bannon could not count on Trump’s pardon.

At the end of Trump’s last full day of work, Tuesday, he issued numerous presidential pardons that could remove or lighten federal penalties.

Trump reportedly wanted to pardon himself, family members and confidants as well, but he would have been persuaded by employees to refrain from doing so. Press agency Reuters reports on the authority of a senior government official that Trump has not pardoned himself, his family members, and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Trump has pardoned several people in recent days

Late Tuesday evening (local time) it was announced that Trump, among others, is pardoning former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. The Michigan Democrat was serving a 28-year sentence for fraud and extortion.

Rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black have also been pardoned by Trump. Lil Wayne, 38, a Trump supporter, was found guilty last month for landing in Miami on a chartered plane in 2019 with a loaded gold pistol in his pocket. He faced a prison sentence of ten years. Kodak Black (23) also had to serve a prison sentence for possession of weapons. He was sentenced to almost four years in prison.

Elliott Broidy, a venture capitalist, Republican fundraiser and former donor to Trump’s campaign, has also been pardoned. Broidy had been convicted of corruption and bribery.


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