Three powder letters delivered in Amsterdam, national total now at fourteen | NOW

A total of three powder letters were found at three locations in Amsterdam on Wednesday. Nobody was hurt. On Tuesday, at least eleven other powder letters were delivered to companies, hotels, buildings of DPG Media throughout the Netherlands and the Ikazia Hospital in Rotterdam.

The new powder letters were found on Weteringschans, Rooseveltlaan and Jan Tooropstraat. The detective is investigating the origin of the letters.

The police are investigating the possible connection and are calling on anyone with information to pass it on. The amount of powder in the letter is harmless and no one was injured in the incidents.

The police will not say exactly what powder is in the letter, because this is perpetrator information.

Earlier this year, several companies in the Netherlands were startled by bomb letters. These were also delivered to hotels in Amsterdam. The police is currently treating the investigation into the powder letters as a separate case, is reported.

Locations where powder letters have been found

  • Amsterdam: two hotels, a building of DPG Media editorial offices and buildings on Basisweg, Weteringschans, Rooseveltlaan, Jan Tooropstraat and Dijselhofplantsoen
  • Rotterdam: the Ikazia Hospital and a DPG Media building on Delftseplein
  • Best: a DPG Media printing company
  • Amersfoort: a publisher of the Nederlands Dagblad
  • Utrecht: a still unknown location on a business park


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