‘This is not good for the image of Lewis Hamilton’

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World champion Hamilton is the only driver who has not yet signed his new contract. Van Haren argues that the Brit and Mercedes are diametrically opposed on some points. According to Albers, Lewis had designed an ideal scenario for himself in which he could increase the pressure as world champion for a higher salary. “George Russell then literally and figuratively shattered Hamilton’s plan.”

Albers does not understand why Hamilton is increasing the pressure in this way: „What is the last 10 million for him? The world is on fire and then you have to factor in the fact that his own business model no longer works. ”

Formula 1’s goal is to run on a fully sustainable fuel by 2023. An interesting development according to Albers: “It could just be that a gasoline type is being developed in Formula 1 that is not polluting the environment.”

Finally, the snags surrounding the race calendar, the return of Alonso and the departure of Cyril Abiteboul at Alpine are discussed. This new episode of the Formula 1 podcast also answers the question of how wet the driver gets during a rain race.

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