This is how Max Verstappen reacted to congratulations to Mercedes boss Toto Wolff

The very last round of the F1 season has proved decisive over who could call themselves world champions in 2021. Although they came out on top at Red Bull, Marko also agrees that the rules need to be simpler and more straightforward to deal with such situations in to avoid in the future.

“For once we agree,” Wolff told picture. “The rules have to be watertight so that something like this doesn’t happen again and the right people have to take responsibility for it.”

Anyway, congratulations Wolff

With this, Wolff seems to be mainly talking about the FIA ​​race director, Michael Masi, with whom he is currently not ‘on speaking terms’.

But despite the whole situation, Wolff still congratulated Verstappen on his first world title and the Dutch driver appreciated that. The world champion responded as follows: “Thank you very much. It was a tough battle, looking forward to next year.

Horner and Hand of God

Red Bull team boss Horner also looked forward to congratulations from Wolff. He replied that ‘it was a nice duel’ and that at Mercedes they ‘must not forget’ that they have become world champions for the eighth consecutive time with the constructors.

So congratulations were exchanged, but also in 2022 the battle will undoubtedly be fought at the cutting edge and at times perhaps just across the border again.

On picture Wolff also let it be known that he places the denouement of this Formula 1 season between some other controversial moments in the sports world. „For me this is on par with the Hand of god by Diego Maradona and with the Wembley goal in 1966.”

Source: Bild/Het Nieuwsblad

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