Theaters ask the government to allow more than 30 people per room after lockdown | NOW

Theaters and cinemas will remain closed for the time being now that the current lockdown has been extended to March 2. There is understanding among the umbrella organizations, but they hope to be able to receive more than thirty people per room when they reopen after the lockdown.

Both the Association of Theater and Concert Hall Directors (VSCD) and the Dutch Association of Cinemas and Film Theaters (NVBF) continue to lobby the government for a broader roadmap.

According to the roadmap presented on Tuesday, cinemas and theaters at the third risk level (‘serious’) are only allowed to receive thirty people per room. At risk level 2 (‘worrisome’) this will be fifty.

“When the moment arrives that visitors are allowed to go back to the cinema or the film theater, then admitting a maximum of thirty visitors, as was the case until the lockdown, is too little to be able to run profitably”, says director Gulian Nolthenius of the NVBF know. He hopes to receive about 50 people in a hall with a capacity of 150 seats.

The VSCD would also like to see such a relaxation, says director Gabbi Mesters. “We would soon like to let more people in than the thirty people for the lockdown. The theaters have already shown that this is possible, taking into account the 1.5 meters distance.”


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