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The Top 2000 will be broadcast for the 22nd time. The list has actually consisted of mostly the same songs for years. Stand Bohemian Rhapsody and Stairway to Heaven still in the highest echelons in twenty years? And which songs have the potential to become a classic? asks Top 2000 presenter Carolien Borgers and musicologist Ashley Burgoyne.

“I think there is a gradual change in the higher regions of the Top 2000,” says Borgers. “There are a number of peaks every year, which are often caused by the sign of the time, which reflects an event or period. Like that a lot of comforting music has gone up this year. But overall, the voters have favorites that they want to hear every year. I see the frame as a living being, an organism that changes and moves slowly, but not radically. You will not see extreme changes quickly. “

“They are also songs that many people know and that is why they vote for them”, Burgoyne continues. “When completing their list, they will also think in addition to their personal favorites: which one should I choose? Then the songs from the higher regions often emerge. remains virtually unchanged. “

This year the number one is new: Roller Coaster from Danny Vera. The song appeared in 2019 and is in the list for the second time this year. It is the odd one out next to songs from Queen, Led Zeppelin and Boudewijn de Groot. Like many other Dutch people, Burgoyne was surprised, “because it is not a typical catchy song with a recognizable melody”. “The same applies to many other songs from the top ten. Even though they are songs that stand out in their own way.”

Facts and figures

  • In total, 4,572 different songs have been on the list, of which 598 songs are represented each year.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody is at the top of the voters up to the age of fifteen, Roller Coaster among the very oldest (91+).
  • The biggest climber this year is the number Uncharted from Kensington, which rose by 1,635 places to 87.
  • The biggest drop is for the song Het Land Van van Lange Frans and Baas B, which dropped with 1,040 places to 1,667.

List of boomers

The musicologist argues that nostalgia plays a big part in putting together your list of favorite music. “You experience the most nostalgia with the music you listened to around the age of twenty. You also have that feeling with music that was popular when your parents were that age and when your grandparents were around twenty.”

Traditionally, the Top 2000 is therefore a list of the baby boomers. “But in recent years there have been two spikes in the ages of the voters: those of the boomers and the new generation, their children. It may cause the list to slowly change.”

“That song triggered something in the listener, something universal”

Carolien Borgers

A song that, according to Burgoyne, has a chance of being labeled a classic by the new generation is A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay and Avicii from 2016. “The number rose sharply in the list after Avicii’s death in 2018 and continues to creep up every year now.”

Borgers also sees songs by ‘new’ artists as potential classics, such as bad guy van Billie Eilish. “She has risen sharply this year (from 559 to 221) and is with everything i wanted a new entrant. I don’t think Billie will ever get out of the Top 2000 again, whatever I think about Harry Styles (three listings, with Sign of the Times highest at 210). Impossible Nothing But Thieves, new in at 180, I think will be ranked even higher next year. That song has triggered something in the listener, something universal. “

‘Sometimes something just lives’

But not only new songs hit the Top 2000, this also happens with songs that have been known for a long time. “I myself am very happy with Babooshka by Kate Bush “, says Borgers.” A single from 1980 that is now coming in on 1,907. A fantastic song that still managed to touch people’s hearts. But why? No idea. The great thing about this is that the feeling that people have is often not traceable. As with waves, sometimes something is just alive. “

Both Borgers and Burgoyne think that there will be few changes in the top ten in the coming years, but in twenty years it may be very different. “At some point there will be no more baby boomers and I am curious what will happen with the list,” says Burgoyne. “The classics will continue by tradition. But just as generations die out, so can music from that era. So you may find much less music from the sixties and seventies in twenty years’ time.”

The Top 2000 will be broadcast from 00:00 on December 25.


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