The Netherlands will be locked for five weeks: these are all measures | NOW

The cabinet announced a hard lockdown on Monday that will apply until at least Tuesday 19 January. What is not possible until then and what is still possible? Below you will find the most important changes.

The measures below take effect on the night from Monday to Tuesday at 0.00 am. From Wednesday December 16 to Monday January 18, schools and childcare will remain closed.

Shops, culture and amusement parks

  • All non-essential stores will remain closed from midnight on Tuesday. Supermarkets, butchers, bakers, drugstores, petrol stations and opticians will remain open, as will weekly markets.
  • Transfer locations are closed. Think of amusement parks, casinos, cinemas, theaters and other cultural institutions.
  • Libraries will remain open for book collection and return.
  • Community centers remain open to vulnerable people.

Gyms and contact professions

  • People with a contact profession, such as hairdressers and beauticians, cannot work for the time being. People with a healthcare profession, such as dentists and physiotherapists, are excluded from this.
  • Saunas, gyms and swimming pools will close.
  • Outside sports is still allowed, but with a maximum of two people at a distance of 1.5 meters. Team training and competition matches are no longer possible.
  • Outdoor sports venues also remain open to people under the age of eighteen. They do not have to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other.

Schools and childcare are closed from Wednesday

  • Primary and secondary schools will close on Wednesday and must then offer as much online education as possible. Parents with vital professions can have their children cared for. These are parents who work in healthcare or for the police, for example.
  • Children in the exam year are allowed to go to school.
  • Childcare must be closed, but may continue to take care of children of parents with essential professions and vulnerable children.
  • Higher education will also close and switch to online education.
  • Practical education remains open.

At home and outside

  • At home you can receive a maximum of two guests, except during the Christmas season on 24, 25 and 26 December. Then three guests are allowed.
  • Outside you are allowed to walk in the street with a maximum of two people, but you must keep 1.5 meters apart. An exception applies to households.

Hotels and catering

  • Hotels remain open, but are no longer allowed to serve their guests. Room service in the rooms is also no longer allowed.
  • The other catering establishments, including cafes and restaurants, will remain closed.
  • You can still pick up food and drinks from the catering industry.

Top sport continues

  • The top sports competitions, including the Eredivisie in football, may continue, but without an audience. That was already the case.

Churches, mosques and places of worship

  • Places of worship such as churches and mosques will remain open.

To travel

  • Public transport will continue to run, but is only intended for essential journeys.
  • For trips abroad, we are strongly advised not to book them until mid-March, only if they are strictly necessary.

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