The Netherlands is heralding 2021 in a relatively austere way | NOW

The Netherlands has ushered in the new year in a relatively sober way at midnight. Because of the corona measures, most people spend the New Year at home or in a small circle. There is also a fireworks ban, although there are quite a few bangs and arrows to be seen in numerous places.

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Anyone who sets off fireworks in the night from Thursday to Friday (with the exception of children’s fireworks) risks a fine of 100 euros.

Despite the fireworks ban, fireworks were popped up throughout the country at midnight. Decorative fireworks and loud bangs could be heard at several places.

Until midnight it was quiet in most places in the Netherlands. Still, the police had to intervene in some places, because fireworks were thrown or groups of people caused unrest.

Especially in Den Bosch, New Year’s Eve went wild. That is why the mayor has issued an emergency ordinance there, which gives the police more powers there.

National countdown moment from Johan Cruijff ArenA

This year’s National Countdown Moment took place from the Johan Cruijff ArenA. The event would first take place on the Museumplein, but was canceled, because the Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema feared that despite its private nature, people would still come.

Because the Johan Cruijff ArenA is closed and the roof remained closed, that risk did not exist there.


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