The fastest freshener for your interior: these are the wallpaper trends

“In contrast to the paper wallpaper of the past, non-woven wallpaper is just as easy to apply as it is to remove,” says Janneke van der Velden, product manager at Kwantum. “You apply the glue to the wall instead of the wallpaper, after which you simply stick the strips against it. You can remove the strips just as easily, without a steaming device, by pulling them off the wall in their entirety. ”

This new production technique also makes more and more possible in terms of relief, motif and color. “Wallpaper can be pronounced today,” says Van der Velden. “With large patterns of flowers, animals or landscapes. Flowers on a dark background remain a hit, especially now that the wallpaper designs by William Morris (founder of the Arts and Crafts movement, MS) are again on trend. What we also see is that parts of an image are enlarged, for example an image of a bouquet painted by a Dutch master. ”

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