The Eigen Huis association doubts the value of the foundation label

Due to drought, the deterioration of foundations has been an increasing problem for years. To determine an estimate per home, appraisers will include a foundation risk label in their valuation report from July 2021, reports the TV program De Monitor. This is achieved by combining property data and information about the subsoil and groundwater.

The label can help owners and buyers who want to remodel. “A lot of people do that who buy an older house. Then it is good that you are wary of setbacks, ” says André de la Porte. But he doubts whether appraisers have the right knowledge. “A specialist is needed who knows where to look, appropriate to the type of home. Appraisers can only give a risk estimate on the basis of general information. ”According to André de la Porte, that estimate is ‘very difficult’.

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