Still an apology from George Russell to Valtteri Bottas: ‘could not control emotions’

“Now that I’ve taken the time to look back at what happened, I know I should have handled the whole situation better,” he continued. “Tempers sometimes run high, and I couldn’t control my emotions on Sunday. For this, I apologize to Valtteri, my team, and anyone who has felt disadvantaged by my actions. I am not that way and I expect more from myself, because I know that others also expect more from me. ”

Bottas and Russell blamed each other for the collision afterwards. The Briton had more speed and tried to overtake the Finn on the outside, but just where there is a small kink in the track, the two cars touched. It led to a serious crash, a lot of debris on the track and even a temporarily halted race. Russell was the first to get out of his badly damaged race car and went to tell Bottas, who answered Russell’s angry tap on his helmet with a raised middle finger.

Both drivers had to report to the stewards after the race, who after an investigation decided not to penalize. They rated the crash as “a racing accident”.

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