Stewards do not reopen ‘case’ Lewis Hamilton versus Max Verstappen

Both Red Bull and Hamilton’s team Mercedes were given the time on Thursday afternoon to convince the stewards who were active in England via a video link that they were (wrong) wrong. The race management was not convinced of Red Bull’s story.

Hamilton tapped Max Verstappen in Silverstone, after which the Dutchman crashed into the tire stack at high speed. Hamilton was found guilty, given a ten-second time penalty, but still won the race.

Red Bull had the right to protest, as with any penalty handed out, but that has now been rejected by the stewards. That comes as no great surprise. Verstappen hopes that incidents like this will be handled differently in the future. “It should be looked at seriously,” says the Dutchman. “The top cars have such an advantage over the rest of the field. Then a ten-second penalty doesn’t matter much.”

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