Splitters and doubters within Forum for Democracy after Baudet | NOW

Forum for Democracy members have appointed Thierry Baudet as party leader in a referendum. Some representatives decided to immediately split off from FVD. Others are still considering their position or considering summary proceedings. There are also congratulations. An overview of the reactions of FVD politicians to Baudet’s profit.

Temporary Forum for Democracy Chairman Lennart van der Linden wants to have a “sleep” before deciding on his role in the party. He does not yet know whether he will remain politically active for Forum. He will make a decision about this in the short term, says the interim chairman after the controversial referendum on figurehead Thierry Baudet.

Although he will stop as a board member, Van der Linden thinks he will stay in the Senate. He does not yet want to say whether that will be for Forum. A large part of the Senate faction has already split off. “More will soon be clear about next steps,” he says.

“I am happy with how the referendum went,” says Van der Linden. “It went quickly, and quite reliably. The result is now clear.”

Thinking about summary proceedings

Jan Cees Vogelaar, number nine on the House of Representatives list, is going to see if they can initiate summary proceedings with at least five other FVD’ers, including Member of Parliament in Overijssel Johan Almekinders, Het Parool. “In our opinion, this referendum has no statutory basis”, says Vogelaar. “You can say that, but we think we should have a lawyer look at it first.”

Various Provincial States factions of FVD are discussing the future. The FVD faction in North Brabant wants to “determine in good consultation to what extent we see the consequences of the result”. Members of Parliament want to continue their work, but under which flag it remains unclear. The group promises to tell more about this by the end of next week at the latest.

MEPs break with FVD

The FVD MEPs soon announced that they were breaking with their party because of Baudet’s remaining as FVD leader. The three-man FVD delegation in the European Parliament will continue independently, she said on Friday.

The Brussels foreman Derk Jan Eppink had already announced that the outcome would close the door for him and his colleagues. “Then we declare ourselves independent,” said Eppink. Besides Eppink, Rob Roos and Rob Rooken are also in the European Parliament for FVD.

FVD in Limburg is crumbling, congratulations from South Holland

The Limburg States fraction of FVD continues to crumble. After two of the seven States members had already left the party earlier this week, a third States member, Bart Smeets, announced on Friday evening that he would also resign now that Baudet has won the referendum. A fourth Member of Parliament, Nico Vincken, is considering leaving the party, if Baudet comes to the fore too much in the coming days.

Matthijs Sandmann, chairman of South Holland, congratulates Baudet on Twitter, after receiving more than 76 percent of the vote. “23 percent of 37,000 voters are more than 8,500 potential members for a new broad people’s party. That would be a good start!” He adds.

The South Holland party leader said earlier that, with a majority of the FVD States members in his province, he would prefer to continue without Baudet as leader.

Distribution in Overijssel, Frisians still reticent

The Utrecht faction had already split off. The Overijssel FVD members are divided. Former party chairman Almekinders leads the opposition to the referendum by taking the FVD board to court, but another party member, working for Forum in the House of Representatives, is a supporter of Baudet. It concerns Andreas Bakir, who spoke of a “LANDSLIDE VICTORY” for Baudet on Friday.

It is still unclear what the Frisian group will do. Last week, party chairman Maarten Goudzwaard said he would resign if Baudet wins the referendum. The other States members in Friesland are more reserved.


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