Special car for Max Verstappen in Turkey

The Japanese have been the engine supplier to Red Bull since 2019, and to sister team AlphaTauri since 2018, but will leave the premier class of motorsport after this season. Honda is still helping to develop the new engine for next season. Red Bull will take the power sources under its own management from then on.

The RB16B of Verstappen and Pérez has a different color scheme in Istanbul. The white is a reference to Honda, when it still competed as a works team in the premier class of motorsport (most recently in 2008). AlphaTauri drives in Turkey with a message or thank you to Honda on the rear wing.

One-year-old Max was already introduced to Honda RA099

For example, the Japanese won their first Formula 1 race in 1965 with a predominantly white car, the Honda RA272. Two years ago, Verstappen briefly drove that old car in the run-up to the Japanese Grand Prix. And at the age of one, Verstappen became acquainted with the so-called Honda RA099, when father Jos took a test with it at the Jerez circuit in 1999.

The Japanese Grand Prix is ​​canceled for the second time in a row this year due to the corona pandemic. Honda would just be the title sponsor of the home race, which was initially to be held next weekend but has therefore been replaced by the Turkish Grand Prix. Red Bull is now putting Honda in the spotlight.

In Turkey, the sixteenth game of the season is scheduled for Sunday. There are still seven races to go. Lewis Hamilton is now the World Cup leader. His lead over Verstappen is only two points.

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