‘Snow tourism’ in South Limburg leads to countless parking fines | NOW

‘Snow tourism’ in the hills of South Limburg on Saturday led to countless parking fines and traffic congestion around the Drielandenpunt at Vaals and the forests at Vijlen. That said Mayor Harry Leunessen van Vaals, who took a look at the busy snowy landscape on Saturday afternoon.

Boas issued an unknown number of fines for improper parking. Cars lined up in long lines in and along the shoulders of the narrow winding roads. Enforcers were even so busy “that they had to go to the town hall in the meantime to charge the batteries of the devices with which the fines were issued,” said Leunessen.

People had come to the area from far and wide to enjoy the snow that had settled over the past few days. According to the mayor, mainly families with dogs, children and sledges were on the road. “Many people came from far away, including from Eindhoven and Den Bosch. He said that there were already traffic jams 10 kilometers away from slow-moving traffic towards Vaals and Vijlen.

Employees of the municipality, police and Forestry Commission were busy managing the traffic flows in the hills. Traffic got stuck in many places. To prevent problems, the municipality closed the Epenerbaan near Vijlen. This is due to the very steep slope of the road and the smoothness, says Leunessen.

Snowfall in the hills of Limburg

Appeal not to come to Vaals

On Friday afternoon, the municipality had made an appeal not to come to Vaals to avoid crowds, especially during these corona times. The police repeated that call again on Saturday. “I have the impression that half of the people who knew about it, ignored this call.”

“In itself people behave well in the forests when it comes to complying with the corona measures, such as keeping their distance. But especially for the residents of Vijlen and a part of Vaals, it is not so nice to have that flow of traffic all day long. to have your door. “

Many people started to go home around 3:30 p.m., said the mayor, who said that the snow is slowly starting to melt.


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