Slob backs down, statement of rejection of homosexuality ‘bridge too far’ | NOW

Minister Arie Slob (Primary and Secondary Education) returns on Tuesday to his comment that reformed schools may present a statement to parents of students stating that they reject homosexuality.

“If parents are asked to declare their identity to reject homosexuality, that is a bridge too far,” said Slob in The Hague on Tuesday after an inserted corona council. “We are going to look at how this relates to our legislation and if necessary we will amend the law,” said Slob.

The minister was criticized after defending such a statement in a parliamentary debate on Monday. Although schools have the constitutional freedom to hold their own views, Slob’s comments sparked outrage in the House.

For example, such a statement can make young gays feel unsafe at school. A majority of the House wants the cabinet to prohibit such statements as soon as possible.

Slob now acknowledges that the discussion is profound for gay students. “They need to have a safe environment so they can be who they are. So that they have the safety to come out when that is the case, no matter what school they attend.”

Nevertheless, the education minister continues to emphasize the freedoms of schools. “Our law offers room for individual views. That can affect how people think in other places in society.”


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