Six more people arrested in connection with threat to Rotterdam teacher | NOW

In the past period, six more suspects have been arrested in connection with the investigation into the threat to a teacher at Emmaus College in Rotterdam, the police reported on Monday. It is unknown when exactly the suspects were arrested.

The six people are suspected of threats and incitement. They have since been interrogated and expelled, but are still suspects in the case.

In total, two women and seven men aged between 13 and 24 have now been arrested in connection with the threat to the teacher. Police say they have completed the investigation into the threat and turned the case over to the public prosecutor.

The teacher went into hiding after being threatened by a cartoon hanging in the classroom. A few students of the school saw the prophet Mohammed in it. They spoke of blasphemy and demanded that the teacher remove the drawing. A photo of the drawing in the classroom appeared on social media, after which threats were soon made against the teacher.

In November, Rotterdam Alderman for Education Said Kasmi announced that the teacher does not want to be in front of the class for the time being.


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