Sint en Piet in the Netherlands, Pakjesboot 12 moored at Dieuwertje Blokkade | NOW

Sinterklaas arrived on Saturday in the fictional village Zwalk. The saint and his soot wipers moored their Pakjesboot 12 just after noon at the Dieuwertje Blokkade.

The quay is named after presenter Dieuwertje Blok, who this year for the twentieth year in a row Sinterklaas journal presents. The arrival was featured in an extra-long episode of it Sinterklaas journal on NPO3. Upon arrival, Sinterklaas immediately proceeds to the Grotepietenhuis, where he stays during his visit to the Netherlands.

Due to the corona virus, no public was allowed to be present at the entry of the saint this year and it took place at a secret location.

Sinterklaas also works from home in connection with the corona virus, and that is why small groups of children from different municipalities were allowed to bring drawings to the Grotepietenhuis, accompanied by their mayor. In addition, people from the provinces bring local delicacies for Sint and his helpers.

NTR did not want to say anything about the exact location in advance

There was plenty of speculation last week about the place where the Saint and his helpers would arrive. In the Sinterklaas journal, which started on Monday, Pakjesboot 12 first headed for the fictional town of Zwalk, where Matthijs van Nieuwkerk held sway as mayor.

Later, almost all mayors in the country announced that Sinterklaas was welcome in their municipality. Recordings were made for it in several places in the country Sinterklaas journal. The NTR, which makes the program, did not want to say anything about the exact location in advance.

Presenter Jeroen Kramer of the Sinterklaas journal said that the program was informed “at the last minute” by Sinterklaas about the exact location of arrival on Friday evening.


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