Shops give Christmas trees to customers for free

Customers who pay for something at the till at Ikea in Breda, received a voucher that they can exchange outside for a free Christmas tree. The furniture store had about a thousand trees left, which they had to get rid of. If the shops actually had to close, they could no longer sell the trees.

Gamma in The Hague also called on customers via Facebook to come to their branch. One tree per customer is the maximum. Intratuin, one of the largest Christmas tree sellers in the Netherlands, said that the head office has not decided to give Christmas trees to customers for free. “We are waiting for the exact measures until we decide what to do. Perhaps customers will still be able to pick up items, that has yet to become clear. ”

Thanks to corona, stores had brought the Christmas trees into their homes extra early this year. Many customers also asked for ‘cosiness’ at home earlier than usual and already bought Christmas stuff en masse in November. Intratuin imported its trees a week earlier than in other years.

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