Sharon Stone punched Paul Verhoeven in the face after seeing Basic Instinct scene | NOW

Sharon Stone slapped Paul Verhoeven in the face after she finished the famous interrogation scene Basic Instinct, in which she opens and crosses her legs for the first time.

“When the recordings were finished, I was allowed to come and see the film,” writes 63-year-old Stone, who has opened a booklet about her experiences with the 1992 film in a piece for Vanity Fair.

“Not alone with the director (Verhoeven, ed.), As you might expect, but with a room full of agents and lawyers, most of whom had nothing to do with the film. saw it first, long after I was told ‘you wouldn’t see anything’. “

That turned out to be the case. Stone walked over to Verhoeven, punched him in the face and left. She called her attorney Marty Singer, who informed her that the film should not be released in this manner. “I let Paul know what options I had, but he denied I had any options at all. I was just an actress, a woman, why did I have a choice?”

In the end, Stone decided to admit the scene. “Why? Because it suited the movie and because I eventually agreed to the recording myself.” Verhoeven has often said in the past that Stone knew exactly what was filmed and what would be seen.

The actress also writes in the play that a producer once asked her to have sex with an opponent, because that would be good for the chemistry in the film. “My job was to act, and I told him so.”


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