Series by Carice van Houten and Halina Reijn wins two prizes in Cannes | NOW

The series Red Light van Carice van Houten and Halina Reijn won two prizes in Cannes on Wednesday. During the international Canneseries television festival, the Dutch-language series won the Special Performance Award for the acting by leading actors Van Houten, Reijn, Maaike Neuville and Geert Van Rampelberg, and the Prize of the Student Jury.

The series Red Light, directed by Wouter Bouvijn and Anke Blondé, is the first Dutch-language television series in which Van Houten and Reijn can be seen together. They are also the creative producers of the series, which has been further produced by Hollands Licht and Eyeworks Belgium. In September it was announced that the series was nominated for the Canneseries.

The story is about three women whose lives become entangled after a mysterious disappearance. They end up in the dangerous and intriguing world of human smuggling, prostitution and exploitation in Antwerp and Amsterdam.

The series is set to be at BNNVARA on NPO1 in early 2021.


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