Series about Pim Fortuyn and Do Not Hesitate among contenders for Golden Calves | Movies & Series

The series The year of Fortuyn and the movies Do Not Hesitate, grunt and narcosis are the big contenders for the Golden Calves this year, it turned out on Saturday evening during the announcement of the nominations for the film awards. Do Not Hesitate has been nominated eight times and thus leads the ranking. The eventual winners will be revealed on Friday.

Do Not Hesitate has a chance in the categories Best Picture, Best Sound Design, Best Editing, Best Costume Design, Best Leading Feature Film, Best Supporting Actor Feature Film, Best Screenplay and Best Director. grunt has received a total of five nominations in the categories Best Picture, Best Sound Design, Best Production Design, Best Screenplay and Best Director.

narcosis, the Dutch entry for the Oscars, has been nominated four times. That happened in the categories Best Film, Best Leading Feature Film (Thekla Reuten), Best Costume Design and Best Camera. The film by Martijn de Jong has also been chosen as the winner of the Prize of Dutch Film Criticism by the Circle of Dutch Film Journalists. Also in the Best movie making category No. 10 (three nominations) and Pink Moon (two nominations) chance.

In terms of series The year of Fortuyn, Dirty Lines and disaster flight the big contenders. They are all nominated for Best Drama Series. The year of Fortuyn and Dirty Lines have been nominated three times and disaster flight – a drama series about the Bijlmer disaster that premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival – twice.

In the Best Leading Role Drama Series category, Jeroen Spitzenberger (The year of Fortuyn), Thomas Hoppener (disaster flight) and Jennifer Hoffman (Deep Shit) opportunity. For Best Leading Feature Film Hanna van Vliet (ANNE+), Joes Brauers (Do Not Hesitate), Julia Akkermans (Pink Moon), Thekla Reuten (narcosis) and Yannick Jozefzoon (femi) nominated.


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