Sergio Perez: ‘I have one of the most difficult jobs in Formula 1’

The experienced driver states that it is not easy to be Verstappen’s teammate. “I have one of the most difficult jobs in Formula 1,” says Pérez in an interview with the Spanish Diario AS. ,,It’s not easy, but I’m happy because I’m growing during this season. Max’s bar is very high, he is the strongest driver at the moment and has been with the team for years.”

Pérez thinks the RB16B, this year’s car, is one of the most difficult cars he has ever driven in Formula 1. ,,It’s a peculiar car, very different from what I was used to before. How you brake, accelerate and how you handle the tires. It’s nothing like anything I’ve experienced before. It was not easy to adapt. Nobody has a driver like Verstappen next to him. He is so used to the car and gets 120 percent out of it every lap.”

The 31-year-old Mexican has been on the podium five times this year. He finished third in the last three races. Pérez won the race in Baku, after Verstappen’s tire blowout and subsequent retirement.

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