Senate begins impeachment trial against Trump in second week of February | NOW

Democrat Chuck Schumer, leader of the largest group in the US Senate, said on Friday that the impeachment process against now-departed President Donald Trump will begin in the second week of February. He says approving Joe Biden’s cabinet should now be a priority and the impeachment process could slow that down.

Yet with the delay, he also meets the Republicans, who argued that Trump’s lawyers should be given more time for the defense. The leader of the Republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, had requested this on Friday.

The House of Representatives will send official charges against Trump to the Senate on Monday. While that formally marks the start of the Senate impeachment process, the real political trial won’t begin until the week of February 8.

Schumer said in the Senate on Friday that both prosecutors and Trump’s defense will be given two weeks after Monday. “During that time, the Senate will deal with issues for the American people, such as cabinet appointments and the corona support package.”

A majority of the House of Representatives ruled earlier this month that Trump should be the subject of impeachment because of his role in the January 6 storming of the Capitol by his supporters. That means that a political lawsuit will follow in the Senate.

Trump is the first US president to ever face a second impeachment trial. The trial of the now departed president is not only symbolic, it can also prevent him from making another shot at the presidency.


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