Sebastian Vettel on Ferrari: ‘are fights I shouldn’t have entered’

In his first two seasons at Ferrari, we saw an enthusiastic, almost reborn Vettel. But gradually that enthusiasm gave way to cynicism. The arrival of a young wolf in the person of Charles Leclerc was perhaps the proverbial last straw and at the beginning of this year Ferrari and Vettel announced that they would part ways at the end of the year.

The four-time world champion does not shy away from his responsibility and says that he too has made mistakes, both on and off the track. “I don’t think I will leave and that I will regret anything,” Vettel said in the F1 podcast. Beyond The Grid.


“It is true that I failed myself, because I had set myself the goal of conquering the world title with Ferrari. I have not succeeded in that ”, the German admits. “There are things I should have done better, things I should have seen before. There are fights I shouldn’t have engaged in. On the other hand, I think that everything I have done has brought me to where I am now, and I am talking in general and not about things that happened on the track. ”

He continues his account: “Losing control of my car in changeable conditions in Hockenheim is often referred to by people as a low point, but I am not talking about such things. I’m talking more about things that happen off the track. But then I am honest and self-critical, I have failed. Were there any reasons for it? Yes, but I refuse to use it as an excuse. Whatever happened has taken me a step forward, I think. ”

Not worth it

Vettel does not want to say what those fights behind the scenes were, but he emphasizes again that he has come out more mature. “Maybe they weren’t worth it in retrospect,” Vettel continues. “But on the other hand, it probably also lies in my nature and it was normal for me to do it. But I do think I had a point in those fights and discussions. Ultimately, that’s how you grow up and learn. The most important thing is that I do not regret anything, I am happy that I can continue. ”

In the new Formula 1 podcast, Erik van Haren and Christijan Albers look ahead to the upcoming Grand Prix in Germany. It is also extensively about Honda’s departure and Max’s future at Red Bull:

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