Schouten: Mink is present at only four Dutch companies | NOW

At the moment, only four Dutch mink farms actually have mink present, Minister Carola Schouten (Agriculture) reported in the House of Representatives on Monday. It is expected that these animals will be peeled (killed for their fur) by the end of next week, so that from then on there will be no more minks in the Netherlands.

Almost all mink farms in the Netherlands have already stopped in recent weeks due to the upcoming ban on fur farms. The Netherlands had a total of 140 mink farms.

The ban on mink breeding has been brought forward for a number of years because the animals can become infected with the corona virus. It is feared that the virus will persist among minks, even once a vaccine has been found for humans.

In Denmark, the coronavirus in mink has mutated to a different form, which a vaccine seems to have less of an effect on. For this reason, the Danish government decided to cull all 17 million minks in the country.

Prohibition would take effect in 2024

Originally, the ban on keeping fur animals in the Netherlands was due to take effect in 2024, but by now all companies must have stopped at the beginning of 2021. They are allowed to finish this breeding season. In addition, the fur farmers receive compensation. The cabinet is currently making arrangements for this.

More than half of the Dutch mink farms have been culled before, because the corona virus was found on those farms. The fur period is about to end, so almost all of the mink on healthy farms have now been killed.


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