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Rutte: corona virus takes a heavy toll on society
On Saturday evening, during the Protestant Lecture that he held at the Petrus Festival in The Hague, Prime Minister Mark Rutte reflected on the disruptive consequences of the corona virus. “We cannot ignore it: the coronavirus puts an incredibly heavy burden on our society. On everyone who has to miss a loved one because of corona. On people who are now very ill, or who are struggling with the physical and mental aftermath of the virus. . To young people and the elderly who, because of all the social limitations, are faced with tensions behind the front door, with loneliness and feelings of depression. Or on all those entrepreneurs whose company is about to fall and people who are at risk of losing their jobs. ”

According to Rutte, tensions are increasing among the people, “but underlying the Netherlands is and will remain a country of volunteers and mutual help. A country of shopping for each other and a pan of soup for the sick neighbor. During this second wave there are still more people with patience and compassion than with a short fuse. “

Rutte spoke to people at home because of corona in an almost empty Monastery Church in The Hague, who could follow the speech online.


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