Rutte about stepping down from the cabinet: Entire political system has failed | NOW

When the entire political system has failed, only collective responsibility can be borne. Prime Minister Mark Rutte said this on Friday in an explanation about the fall of the cabinet as a result of the benefits affair.

“The state pushes back the overconfident, protects the weak and divides the risks,” Rutte quotes one of his predecessors. The cabinet has not met that standard, he says now. “The State should have protected the weak and that went horribly wrong here.”

With the decision to resign, the cabinet wants to do justice to all parents who have been wronged, according to Rutte. According to him, the cabinet was unanimous in making the decision.

Rutte says he has not considered stopping as party leader of the VVD, because he would not be directly responsible for the file.

The king has since received the dismissal of the entire cabinet. Rutte will visit him on Friday afternoon to provide an explanation.

Rutte: The fight against corona virus will also continue with the caretaker cabinet

“The question now is: what does the resignation mean in concrete terms?”, Says Rutte. “We can be expected to do what is necessary in the interests of the country. We do this in close consultation with parliament.”

Rutte emphasizes that the fight against the corona virus will also continue with a caretaker cabinet. “In the coming months, our work will continue to focus on corona and cushioning the economic and social consequences.”

Earlier on Friday it was announced that the entire Rutte III cabinet will resign because of the rock-hard report Unprecedented injustice about the childcare allowance affair. The pressure on the cabinet to offer the resignation increased after it became clear that thousands of parents were in serious financial and personal trouble at the hands of the illegal fraud hunt.



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